A proper security system not only protects your business assets from employee pilfering and outside attempts at theft, it provides you with a measure of comfort and ease of mind knowing that you have done all you could to protect your business. Beyond the conventional commercial lock system that you have grown accustomed to however, you should look into the advantages of having your local Philly locksmith install a keyless entry pad as a way of controlling your overall security costs while providing unprecedented control over who will gain access to your business.

You have undoubtedly seen keyless entry systems before on your favorite espionage movie, or around town on the doors of other Philadelphia area buildings. Ideal for businesses that experience a great deal of turnover in employees, a keyless entry system means that you will not have to call a Philly locksmith over to change the locks every time you lose an employee.

Additionally, unlike a key that provides its bearer with immediate access behind the locked door, a keyless entry system offers an electronic record of who came and went through that door. For businesses looking for layered security inside their building, a keyless entry system gives you unprecedented control over every square foot of your business.

If you think that a keyless entry system is the answer to your security concerns, you should talk to an expert Philadelphia locksmith from Philadelphia Locksmith Company and find out every thing you can do to make your business as secure as possible both inside the building and outside of the fence.